I work with settings on all sorts of projects and whilst every project is different, the aim is always the same: To make sure that children have access to the best possible outdoor spaces, where they can experience challenging play and learning.​

Settings that work with children and want to develop their outdoor spaces often don’t know where to start, or have limited time or budget to devote to the project. As a landscape designer, and former teacher, I have the knowledge, skills, resources and contacts to help guide settings through the process.


The process starts with a visit to your playground to meet and talk a bit more in depth about your project. We will discuss existing problems and what your hopes for the space are. Depending on what stage your project is at, I will advice you on either how to getting started, or on how to move your project along to the next stage.

The site visit usually takes around one hour and is a free service.


Developing a design is very much a collaborative process and begins with consultations with staff and children, focusing on what the children like to do outside rather than what they want. Once the consultation process is complete, I will produce a scaled plan of the site, sketching out different ‘zones’ and what they might look like. After discussion, these draft ideas will be firmed up into the detailed final plan, which will be a mixture of hand-drawn sketches and computer-generated images.

The design fee depends upon a number of factors including the scale and complexity of the project, and will be assessed during the initial site visit.

Having a design to show the changes you want to make to your outside space is a great way to help your project gain momentum. Sharing them parents and the wider community not only helps keep people informed of your plans, but can be a good way of attracting volunteers or raising funds and resources.


Depending on the type of project being undertaken, you may wish to take advantage of our project management service. Or, if you opt to manage the project yourself, I am happy to work on a consultancy basis, offering help and advice when needed.