Garden Projects


Whether you are looking to make simple changes or are thinking of a complete redesign, we can help you get the garden that is right for you, with ideas to suit any budget.


The process starts with an initial meeting where we talk about what it is that you want from your garden, as well as any strong likes or dislikes that you might have. We will also discuss any existing problems that your garden might have, and I can advise you on possible solutions.

This initial meeting usually takes around an hour, and is a free, no obligation service.


I will then go away and prepare a design brief based on what was discussed. The design brief will outline the concept for the garden, as well as details about features to be included, preferred materials, etc., and if known, information about budget and timeframe for the project.

This will be sent to you along with a fixed price quote for any services you wish me to provide, which I will ask you to confirm before we proceed.


If you choose to go ahead, the next stage would be to carry out a site survey so that a scaled site plan can be produced.


We would meet again, to discuss draft ideas and design sketches. These would then be firmed up into the final plan.


The final plan will show both hard and soft landscaping ideas and placement of desired features. They will be presented to you using a mixture of hand-drawn sketches and computer-generated images to help give you a real sense for how the garden will look upon completion.

If required I can also produce planting plans will which will show details of planting including heights, spreads and colour recommended to achieve the desired look and feel for the new garden, taking into consideration the aspect of the beds, soil type, level of maintenance required etc, so the garden looks at its best though out the year.