About Us

Pauline worked as a primary school teacher in and around the North East of Scotland for over 15 years. It was whilst teaching that her interest in outdoor learning grew.

Whilst continuing to teach, she retrained in garden and landscape design and in 2015 passed with distinction.

Her experience as a teacher gives Pauline a unique insight into what schools and children need from their playground and the role the outdoors has in teaching, learning and play.

Since establishing Urban Green Design, Pauline has been involved in some fantastic projects, working with nurseries and schools, elderly care-homes, community projects and many residential properties across the North East.

“I retrained because I wanted to work with schools, helping them to improve their playgrounds. But knowing just how important being outdoors, for both physical and mental health, now I just want to get everyone outside, children and grown-ups – that’s what I’m passionate about”. – Pauline Smith